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Access the Remote Control on Your Electronic Device

Method 1: Turing Video app main screen

1. Open the Turing app, select "Robots." at the bottom.

2. Tap the robot you wish to connect to from the list of robots.

3.Tap on the remote control button located on the righthand side of your screen, as seen below.

5. Turing Video apps will switch to Nimbo's Controller site.

6. Tap the "IP address" (red bar) on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

7. The IP address of Nimbo will automatically show like below: 

8.Click the IP under the "Auto Discovery"

*If your phone cannot auto find the Nimbo IP, click the "add" button at the upper right corner. Manually type the Nimbo IP where you can find on the Nimbo's face next to the "ID"

9. Now that the correct IP address has been added, tap the "Connection" toggle bar in the upper righthand corner.

10. The bar at the top right of the screen will turn green that indicate the phone is now connected to the robot. Nimbo will shows the feature of live video, sound alarms, use text-to-talk, manage patrol routes, and much more from the screen.

Method 2: Accessing the Remote Control from the Turing app settings

If you are using a local network or the robot does not appear on the Robots page in the Turing app, you can access the Controller from the app's settings.

1. Launch the Turing app, select "Settings." at the bottomTap "Remote Control" to access Nimbo's Controller.

2. The screen will switch to Nimbo's Controller screen.

3. Please repeat Method 1: Step six to Step ten to access remote control successfully.

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