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Introduction and Installation of Nimbo

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Nimbo package:

  • Nimbo robot

  • Robot wire charge

  • Robox wire

  • Back cover

  • Support bar (4 screws)

  • Mast light

  • Mast cover

  • Mast pole

Charging Base:

  • 2 Calibration plastic board

  • Nimbo wireless charge receiver

  • Wireless charing emitter

Assembly of Charging Base Part one

1. Insert the light board with QR code into the bottom part, then sliding it to the right until it is correctly positioned.

2. Put the bottom part upside down, fix it with M5x20mm screws. The screws will hold the bottom part against with the light board to prevent any movement.

3. Fix the assembled light board with the wireless charging base using four M5 x10mm screws. Slide the top surface of the charing base to see the screw holes.

4. Insert the power adapter and turn on the lights for night time use.

Assembly of charging base part two

1. Tighten the receiver section of the charging base to the bottom of robot with four M4 x 20mm screws.

2. connect the charing cables, fix the wire-covering board with 2 M4x10mm screws.

3. To ensure the best charging result, use the given measuring distance gauge to verify that the distance between robot and charging base is 14mm ( the distance gauge is 14mm high).

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