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Introduction to the Nimbo App

1. Mode button

Toggle between different modes for Nimbo. To control the robot remotely, you must be in Control Mode.

2. Speed control

Control Nimbo's patrol speed by moving the bar from left to right. To make Nimbo patrol faster, move the speed dial to the right. To make Nimbo patrol slower, move the speed dial to the left.

Nimbo's top speed is 3 mph when patrolling. This is to ensure Nimbo is able to safely navigate around people and objects.

3. Joystick

The joystick is how you move Nimbo about a space. Using the joystick is similar to playing a racing game with a video game controller.

To move Nimbo forward, tap the light grey circle in the center and drag it toward the top of the larger circle. You are able to move Nimbo in any direction you please, however, it is important to remember that Nimbo's object avoidance is turned off when it is in Control Mode.

4. Turn on live video streaming

To get real-time footage from Nimbo's front facing camera, you can tap on the red "Off" text and from the pop-up menu, select "On." This will stream live video from Nimbo's front-facing camera directly to your iOS device.

5. Viewing the lidar map overlay

This option allows you to overlay the lidar map and patrol path on your screen. This map can be helpful when moving Nimbo through a large or unfamiliar area. If you do not want to see this map, tap on the green "On" text next to Map and select "Off."

6-7. Controlling Pitch & Yaw

Adjusting the pitch and yaw will tilt Nimbo's head to adjust the camera angle. Pitch will move the camera angle up or down. Yaw will move the camera angle left or right.

8. Reseting Pitch & Yaw

To set the pitch and yaw back to its standard view, tap the green Reset button.

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