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Nimbo Guide and Manuals

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Learn the basics with Nimbo: how to switch modes, charge, manually move, pick up, return to the home screen, and power Nimbo on and off.

Before you get started

Please read what is inside Nimbo and Charing base box. The article will ensure robot is properly configured

Powering Nimbo on and off

Powering on

Hold Nimbo upright, and then press the power button for 2 seconds, Nimbo will power on and activate its self-balancing ability.

Wait for 10s

After powering on the Nimbo, press the transformation button to tilt up Nimbo’s head.

Powering off

First press transformation button to turn off Nimbo's head, and then press the power button to turn it off. Nimbo will suddenly lose balance when it's powered off, so please hold and manually put Nimbo down for safety reasons.

Push & Move

Placing hand on the back of Nimbo's head, the robot will have a beep sound to show it's ready to manually moved. Please leave hand on Nimbo's head the entire time while moving the robot around.

* Please aware if you move Nimbo incorrectly

you will feel resistant force.

Once move hand away from Nimbo's head, the robot will emit another beep to signify that it has exited manual pushing mode. At this point, do not try to manually control Nimbo until placing hand on the correct area once again.

Carrying Nimbo

Please picking up Nimbo by grasping the lifting handle located on the back of the robot. There is a sensor on this handle that notifies the robot it is being lifted.

Charging Nimbo

A battery status is displayed underneath the power button. Underneath battery display screen, there is a waterproof rubber cap that protects the charging interface. Open the charing cap to charge Nimbo.

*Please aware that only charge Nimbo when it is power off

Accessing Nimbo's home page

Nimbo's home page will allow the user to access the robot's settings, Nimbo app, and other features.

The two black pads on either side of Nimbo's head serve as home buttons. Nimbo will quickly exit the current page and return to home page by tapping either pad lightly.

The home page shows the Turing logo and arrow icon. Tap the arrow icon to unlock the home page.

Unlocking the robot

The robot front-facing screen will automatically lock after 15 seconds. The default password to unlock the robot's screen is 123456.

Accessing the Nimbo App

The Nimbo app must be open before the robot can begin patrolling.

1. To access the app, tap the arrow to unlock the home page.

2. On the next screen, select the Nimbo app.

3. This will immediately open to Nimbo's status screen.

To learn about Nimbo's status screen, click.

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