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Setup Connection between Nimbo and Device

Confirm if Nimbo is connected to the Nimbo's hotspot

Nimbo will be set to connect to Nimbo hotspot before ship out.

1. While Nimbo is powered on, tap on the side of Nimbo's head to access the home screen.

2. From Nimbo's home screen, choose Settings.

3. From the Settings screen, choose WiFi.

4. If your Nimbo ID number is less than 130, please ensure that Nimbo should always and only connect to the N##_hotspot. (## is for the serial number of your Nimbo unit).

* Please forget all other WIFI if the Nimbo connects with by accident.

5. To go back to Nimbo's Tap on the side of Nimbo's head to access the home screen, and launch the Nimbo App (If you need to enter a password to unlock the screen, the password is: 123456)

Note: You should see the green dots next to Robox and Slam are green, which indicates the Robox's network is working properly and communicating with Nimbo.

6. Connect the electronic devices to the Nimbo by searching the Nimbo's hotspot in the Wifi setting (named by N**_hotspot, password: turingvideo).

7. After connecting successfully, please go back to the main page of Turing video app and visiting the next article for to access controller.

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