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Setup the Turing app on Your Devices

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Downloading the Turing app

1. Search "Turing Video" in App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Download "Turing Video" app.

Creating a new account

1. Open the Turing Video app.

2. From the log in page, tap "Sign up."

3. Choose the time zone, select the appropriate option and choose "Next" in the upper right hand corner of the screen

4. On the next screen, fill out the required information. For the invitation code, enter 52turing0.

5. Once the information has been filled out, tap "Register" in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

6. Turing video app will go back to the log in screen. Enter the email and password that registered.

Adding Nimbo to your account

1. Open the Turing app.

2. From the navigation bar at the bottom of Turing app, select "Robots."

3. In the upper right hand corner, select the green "+" icon.

4. On the next screen, choose "Scan QR Code."

5. Scan the robot's QR code.

6. After you have scanned Nimbo, it will automatically appear on your list of linked robots

7. On the next screen, you can name your Nimbo and adjust the settings to your preferences.

8. Once you have made the necessary changes, tap "Save" in the upper right hand corner.

9. This will take you back to the list of robots linked to your account. Confirm your new robot is listed there.

Adding the robot to a new account

  • Each robot can be assigned to only one account at a time.

  • If you want to assign the Nimbo to a different account, delete the Nimbo from your current account - as shown in the picture below. (Slide your finger from the right side to the left side of the screen, and the Delete option will appear.)

  • Login with the new Turing Video account and repeat the "Adding Nimbo to your account" step to link the Nimbo to your new Turing Video account.

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